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Best Tech Companies To Work For in 2021

Best Tech Companies To Work For in 2021
Best Tech Companies are known for offering lavish perks, like free food, onsite gyms and doctors, and long periods of time off for parental leave.

Here’s a look at the best tech companies towork for in 2021

#25) Intel Corporation

Overall ranking: 100Company rating: 4.3What it does: Processor manufacturer

#24) Epic Systems

Overall ranking: 96Company rating: 4.3What it does: Health IT company that makes software used by doctors and patients

#23) Apple

Overall ranking: 84Company rating: 4.3What it does: Consumer Technology Company behind the iPhone, Mac computers, Apple Watch, and many other products

#22) Cisco Systems

Overall ranking: 77Company rating: 4.3What it does: Makes software and hardware for IT networking

#21) UST Global

Overall ranking: 76Company rating: 4.3What it does: IT consulting services provider

#20) Noom

Overall ranking: 75Company rating: 4.3What it does: Digital health and wellness programs

#19) Intuit

Overall ranking: 70Company rating: 4.3What it does: Personal finance software including TurboTax and QuickBooks

#18) Slack

Overall ranking: 69Company rating: 4.3What it does: Workplace communication software

#17) Dell Technologies

Overall ranking: 67Company rating: 4.3What it does: Makes computers, laptops, gaming PCs, networking devices, and other products

#16) SAP

Overall ranking: 48Company rating: 4.3What it does: Enterprise application software

#15) AppFolio

Overall ranking: 45Company rating: 4.4What it does: Cloud-based software for business management

#14) Adobe

Overall ranking: 39Company rating: 4.4What it does: Software company known for its creative digital tools, including Photoshop and Illustrator

#13) VMWare

Overall ranking: 36Company rating: 4.4What it does: Virtualization software provider

#12) Salesforce

Overall ranking: 34Company rating: 4.4What it does: Cloud software company specializing in customer relationship management

#11) SurveyMonkey

Overall ranking: 33Company rating: 4.4What it does: Provider of tools for making online surveys

#10) Compass

Overall ranking: 32Company rating: 4.4What it does: Real estate technology platform for helping agents work with clients

#9) Facebook

Overall ranking: 23Company rating: 4.4What it does: Social media giant behind Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp, as well as its core app

#8) Microsoft

Overall ranking: 21Company rating: 4.4What it does: Technology company behind Windows, Office, the Azure cloud, and many other products

#7) Nvidia

Overall ranking: 20Company rating: 4.4What it does: Graphics processor company that has recently expanded into autonomous vehicles and other AI-related industries

#6) MathWorks

Overall ranking: 16Company rating: 4.5What it does: Developer of mathematical computing software

#5) LinkedIn

Overall ranking: 12Company rating: 4.5What it d

#4) Google

Overall ranking: 11Company rating: 4.5What it does: Maker of the Google search engine, the Android operating system, Gmail, and many other productsoes: Professional social network owned by Microsoft

#3) Ultimate Software

Overall ranking: 8Company rating: 4.5What it does: Human resources software provider

#2) DocuSign

Overall ranking: 3Company rating: 4.6What it does: Maker of e-signature software

#1) HubSpot

Overall ranking: 1Company rating: 4.6What it does: Marketing, sales,and service software providerThere you go, this was the list of the Best Tech Companies To Work For in 2021Source: Business Insider

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