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How to register a BTCL Domain?

How to register a BTCL Domain?
BTCL Domain – Popular BTCL Domains include CCTLD such as,, and so on.  DOT BD is the top-level domain (CCTLD) for Bangladesh. It is administered by the Ministry of Post & Telecommunications of Bangladesh by Bangladesh Telecommunications Company ltd (BTCL).

BTCL Domain Registration

Any person / organization from any part of the world can apply to register their domain with DOT BD. As soon as client confirms their order, it takes 4 working days to active the domain. One can register DOT BD Domain which remains valid for next 2 years. Subsequently, renewal can extend the registration period for further one year. We encourage submitting order for 2 years. It is very easy to apply for domain registration.Web url – are at the third level beneath several second-level labels (com, edu, ac, net, gov, org, and mil), paralleling the oldest gTLDs; you can choose any subdomain except the .gov and .mil sub domains. These subdomains are limited. Only few Bangladesh government body have the authority to use those. However, you can select some vacant generic names for registration. It is a great opportunity to open a new market in Bangladesh by registering your DOT BD domain name.


The .bd TLD extension belongs to the Government institute under Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board. Keeping this reality in mind, we have to go through following steps for,, etc.Step 01) Apply online for your desired Domain.Step 02) Acceptance of registration Domain issuing a Demand letterStep 03) After Receiving the Acceptance Copy you make the payment at bank and deposit a copy to the BTCL office as a proof of payment.Step 04) BTCL process the registration within 02 Days after the receiving payment acknowledgment copy.That’s it. Your done with your BTCL Domain registration.

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