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CES 2021: All The Cool New Gadgets

CES 2021: All The Cool New Gadgets

CES 2021 might be all-virtual, but there’s no shortage of nifty devices this year. Here’s what we’ve seen so far. Rollable phones, coronavirus killers, and all the cool new gadgets.

The LG Rollable phone

Foldable phones might have some competition as the hottest thing in mobile right now. LG kicked off CES 2021 on Monday by introducing a rollable smartphone — really. The company is expected to release the device later this year.

TCL’s possible rollable phone

TCL is teasing its own rollable phone tech at CES 2021, too. On Monday, the tech company released a new video of its 6.7-inch phone that can expand into a 7.8-inch tablet with “a simple tap of the finger.”

This ultraviolet light could kill the coronavirus in cars

GHSP introduced a new Grenlite ultraviolet light treatment system at CES that kills pathogens in your car. The tech is already used in emergency rooms and commercial vehicles, but the company is working on integrating it into personal vehicles, too.

Samsung’s back with The Frame TV

Samsung’s TV for design-conscious shoppers, The Frame, is back and at just 24.9mm, it’s thinner than ever  — about the depth of a typical picture frame. There are new sizes too, from 32 all the way up to 75 inches. The 32-inch and the 43-inch TVs can also be oriented in portrait mode.

Panasonic wireless phone charger

This isn’t just any wireless charger, according to Panasonic. This model has moving coils designed to fit your phone better and charge it faster.

Ampere’s Shower Power

Shower Power is a new Bluetooth shower speaker from Ampere that’s powered entirely by water — no charging needed. The new device should cost about $100 and will be available in black, white and chrome.

The Keurig of ice cream

The ColdSnap countertop ice cream maker works like a Keurig machine. It makes single-serve pod-dispensed ice cream, as well as frozen margaritas and mango passionfruit smoothies. Yum!

Infinity Game Table

Arcade1Up’s Infinity Game Table gives classic board games the touchscreen treatment. No more game pieces or instructions to lose.

Samsung’s new robots for home

Remember Rosie from The Jetsons cartoon? Samsung is releasing three new robots to help clean up your house, be your personal assistant, vacuum and also act as a security camera.

OWC’s Thunderbolt 4 dock

Never fight over a charging port again. OWC’s Thunderbolt 4 dock has three open ports that can be used for Thunderbolt or USB-C devices. It’s also compatible with other USB peripherals, a network cable, audio devices and SD cards.

Omron Vitalsight

The health features in the newer smartwatches are a big draw for many, myself included. Omron Vitalsight is building on those with its new blood pressure cuff. The device even saves you a step by uploading results to your doctor automatically.

Aesthetic refrigerators

Have you ever thought, “Wow, I wish my fridge was cuter”? I hadn’t either, until Samsung unveiled its line of Bespoke refrigerators at CES 2021. Each fridge is customizable with four doors as well as your choice of finish and color — yes, even pink and sky blue.

Otterbox gaming accessories

Otterbox used to just be about protecting your phone, but the company is making the leap to gaming accessories this year. The Otterbox Mobile Gaming Clip, Gaming Carry Case, Easy Grip Controller Shell, Easy Grip Gaming Case and Gaming Glass Privacy Guard all go on preorder Jan. 25.

Gentex Mirror

The more high tech the world gets, the more imperative it is that drivers stay focused on the road. Gentex is adding a video screen under your rearview mirror’s glass meant to help you keep tabs on passengers, aid in the event of a crash and ultimately get rid of the bulky, cluttered dashcam.

Next-gen glasses

Smart glasses have been in the public eye since Google introduced its Google Glass 8 years ago, but they’re taking more steps toward becoming a reality. The new Vuzix MicroLED smart glasses have a projector the size of a pencil eraser built right into the eyeglasses’ frame.

Disinfecting robots

The coronavirus pandemic has made germophobes of all of us. To help as the world reopens, robots are stepping up — particularly Ubtech’s Adibot. The bot is made specifically to disinfect rooms for small businesses and schools with UVC light.

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