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Free SSL Certificate on NR Hosting

Free SSL Certificate on NR Hosting

Avail awesome hosting services from us and enjoy our free SSL Certificate in just a few, simple steps! When you host your sites on NR Hosting, you’ll not only enjoy the blazing-fast speeds and global availability that comes with our powerful hosting, you’ll also benefit from free SSL certification, too!

Free SSL Certificate

SSL certificate is more than protect your transactions and your customers’ private information. It will also help to build trust between you and your customer base all the while making your business more reputable.

SSL Encryption Offers the Following Advantages

High encryption levels of up to 256-bit to protect user’s sensitive information.

Provides strong encryption to protect the users’ information from phishing scams & attacks.

Protects websites from attack, reducing the risk of hacking, eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle attacks.

Can provide a positive influence in Google’s evaluation of your website.

Establishes a safe shopping experience – It’s necessary for websites accepting payments.

Proves your business authentication and increase your brand reputation by validating your Business from Trusted Certificate Authority (CA)

Displays Green Address Bar along with Organization Name (Only for EV SSL).

Enhance user’s trust & confidence while increasing your organization’s profits – Users trust the website with the ‘secure connection’ sign.

Finally, SSL saves you money. Think about it, a security breach is a legal problem, and any customer data compromised as a result of one could result in substantial legal repercussions for the company. Employing preventive measures will save a lot of financial issues such as these in the long run. Adding SSL to not compromise on maintaining web security both to protect your customers and also the welfare of your business.

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