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Software For Creating Invitations

Software For Creating Invitations
Software For Creating Invitations – The big day is almost here and you’re feeling awesome that so far the preparations, now in top gear have sailed smoothly. But there’s one more detail: you haven’t yet invited the guests. And this time, you are bubbling with creativity and want to pull off an irresistible wedding invitation.Here’s the thing: For the DIY champion in you to crack this, you’ll need the best software for DIY invitations. Anything short of this and your efforts will be kaput.Here are the top Windows 10 compatible invitation software that can help you design an invitation that makes your occasion a must-attend.

Best software for creating invitations on PC

Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 (recommended)

For over 3 decades, Adobe Illustrator has retained a stranglehold on the vector graphics design industry and is considered one of the best DIY wedding invitation software to ever grace the industry. And for good reason.It has amazing aesthetics, exhilarating font choices, wonderful compositions, and a perfect layout.And if you’re not happy with what you get the first time, Adobe Illustrator allows you endless tweaks and is certainly the perfect playfield to exploit your creativity.Best of all? Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 has been enhanced with loveable features such as a vastly-improved properties panel which gives you plenty of exclusive design customizing options.

Key features:

Freeform Gradients: These color blending capabilities allow you to craft richer, wedding photorealistic gradients that appear so natural.Adobe Fonts: You have access to thousands of smart Adobe fonts to help polish the invitational text to its finest.Content-Aware Crop: Cropping your images has never been this easy. Illustrator uses this machine-learning based tool to suggest the perfect spots for your crops to make them look sleek.Customizable toolbar: You’ll be able to add your favorite tools for easier access when working.Adobe Stock templates: To help you finish your beautiful design quickly, Adobe illustrator comes with a superb collection of easy-to-access wedding-themed templates.

Bottom Line

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced hand, Adobe Illustrator features more tools and lets you create charming invitations in no time. Okay, it has a professional learning curve but the effort it’s very worthy.Download Adobe Illustrator CC free

Adobe InDesign CC (suggested)

Part of the fabled Adobe creative suite, Adobe InDesign comes with a plethora of outstanding layout choices and delivers a rare immersive experience to users.You will find brilliant enhancements plus a healthy mix of features that enables you to create a handsome wedding invitation with minimal fuss. And like in their other Creative Cloud apps, Adobe has upgraded the current InDesign version to allow you easier access to the handy built-in learning tips.You will also enjoy the stylish colors, dazzling text, abundant graphics, and one of the best intuitive interfaces.In short, Adobe InDesign makes a compelling case to be your go-to application if you want a wedding invitation that will have people responding to your wedding bells in numbers.

Key features include:

Layout adjustment: This reconfigures your graphics and text automatically anytime you resize the wedding card.Expansive Properties panel: This makes it pretty easy to access the appropriate controls, when and as you need them.Font filtering: You can quickly search for a lovable font from the large font collection by filtering the fonts using classifications such as Sans Serif, Handwritten, and Serif saving your precious times.SVG color fonts: This allows you to design your invitation with SVG color fonts to give it a smashing outlook.Arrowhead scale control: This gives you the freedom to manipulate arrowheads with a single touch.

Bottom line

But for a few features, InDesign is fairly simple to use yet primed to help you produce a magnificent wedding invitation. It’s, without doubt, one of the best software for DIY wedding invitations.Download Adobe InDesign CC free


If you’re not into the steep learning curve that Adobe Illustrator can be, you can trust Edraw vector graphics software to save your wedding. It has been hailed as one of the easiest to use and it’s true that not many graphic design applications are such easy not to mention the dozens of templates that help you get going soonest.And there is more: It packs lots of cool features all geared towards making your wedding invitation card design efforts as effortless as possible. From a powerful formatting function and an editable full-screen display mode to the intuitive interface, Edraw has it all.

Key features:

Edraw templates: Edraw has one of the largest offerings for design templates in the industry. Even better, it comes with tons of useful examples.Drag-and-drop interface: You don’t have to be a computer guru. You can have a professional-grade invitation card by simply dragging, dropping, and arranging the elements beautifully.Powerful Customization: Just like Illustrator, you can tailor almost everything in Edraw-Colors, images, shapes…you name it.Various Wedding Invitations Elements: The myriad built-in elements give you interesting alternatives when fine-tuning your design.Pen-drawing functions: This gives you an opportunity to draw that out-of-the-world decorative pattern using your free hand.

Bottom line

Edraw is a super-easy to use DIY wedding invitation design application with numerous comprehensive functions. You can trust it to create wedding invitations that will capture the imagination of your audience.Download EDrawEditor’s Note: If you’re interested in other software to design and create invitations, check out our wide collection of guides.


Inkscape is a leading open-source vector graphics software with fine object creation talents and backed up by spectacular manipulation, text support, rendering, fill and stroke functions.It’s yet another excellent option and is especially good in making engaging cards thanks to the amassed design features.Whether you want to capture a certain color scheme or trending wedding invitation designs, Inkscape gives you a reliable platform to set the tone for a celebratory mood for your upcoming nuptials.Additionally, the type elements, drawing tools, balance, and the background layouts are very impressive.Software For Creating Invitations

Key features include:

Image Editor: You can import your own images and revise them to perfection.Intuitive User Interface: It has a super interactive interface and nears the best vector graphic applications in terms of flexibility and ease of use.Conversion tool: This allows you to transform your vector images from black/white and vice versa to enhance their quality.Countless filters: You optimize your design by playing around with the many filters including textures, bevels, and overlays.Smart Stroking: The application identifies different strokes as you make them and helpsimprove the appearance of the vector graphic.

Bottom line

If you are looking for a free but accomplished DIY wedding invitation design application that’s not very intimidating to use, Inkscape could be your best bet.Download InkscapeThat was all from Software For Creating Invitations.

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