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Why cloud providers use Virtual Servers

Why cloud providers use Virtual Servers

Virtual Servers – Virtualization, as the word explains, is a separation of the physical infrastructures to create various dedicated resources. The term is often seen coupled with cloud computing and you always wonder – Why are virtual servers so important? Here comes the answer:

Why cloud providers use Virtual Servers

Saying it straight and clear, without virtualization, cloud computing would leave the data unstable, uncontrolled and unsafe. It is an important and probably an inseparable element of cloud computing services. Virtualization allows us to consolidate multiple physical components so that they can be managed at one place. With the help of virtualization, organizations have a better visibility and also a greater control of their infrastructure making security management simpler for the cloud.

It is due to virtualization that the cloud computing services are so cost-effective. Moreover, it is also responsible for the simplicity of delivering services by providing a platform for optimizing complex IT resources.

A few examples to convince you on the above thought:

Why cloud providers use Virtual Servers

Intelligent use of single computers: Virtualization software enables 1 computer to perform as though it were 20 computers. It empowers you to move your data center with thousands of computers to a single one that supports as few as a couple of hundreds.

Virtual memory: Computer systems can use virtual memory to borrow extra memory from the hard disk. Although, it performs slower than the disk spaces, this substitution works considerably well.

Efficient use of IT resources: Cloud data storage services let you optimize your resources/capacity based on your needs. Whenever you need more capacity, you can easily leverage the cloud provider’s infrastructure.

Easily migrate and balance workload: When your workloads vary greatly (mostly happens with e-commerce websites), the cloud computing environments can proactively add more capacity in anticipation of the need.

Though not completely dependent, virtualization and cloud computing rely too much on one another and when combined, make up a power couple. The former provides more strength and reliability to the latter. But you need to choose the cloud computing service providers with diligence as your data is very important.

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