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Website Speed Optimization Guide

Website Speed: Slow website speed impacts every aspect of your business. Views convert into less sales. Customers are less satisfied. It hurts search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Google once stated that page speed is a factor in their algorithm. If your site doesn’t load fast enough, their web crawlers won’t index it all. Below we’ll […]

Fixing and Removing Broken Links on a WordPress Website

If you’ve run into trouble with broken links on your WordPress website, you are not alone. You can now remove or fix the broken links with this helpful guide on where to begin. Finding a broken link that leads you to one of those “404 errors” may make you panic, but it’s really common and […]

Which Format Works Best For Website Images?

Website Images – When it comes to taking, creating and indeed saving images for online use, it can be difficult to know which file format to save in. Not all file formats are suitable for all images, and choosing the wrong one can result in unnecessarily large file sizes. Types of Website Images JPG (Joint […]

A Website and its Basic Components

Just like every other thing, websites too are composed of several components. Each of these components, from small to big, serve a particular purpose and have their own definition. Because of the differences in their functional purposes, there are several different types of elements in a website. In order to function, websites require these components […]