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Web Hosting: What is it and how does it work?

Web Hosting: What is it and how does it work?

Say that you have a website with certain content – files, photos, or videos. In simple words, web hosting is the service where your website data is hosted by a third party, essentially a web hosting company.  The most important features of this third party that will host your website are security and availability. An ideal host will be secure and easily accessible on the internet at all times. Any user interested in your website content will be able to easily visit your secure website by simply searching your domain name in their web browser.

To better understand how web hosting works, think of a situation where you need to rent a building for your office. Why do you need the office? To do your business – just how you would need a website to do your business. Once you have rented the space, you will also need to furnish it – similar to how you would need to “furnish” your website with content, information and designs. That is exactly a how web hosting service works: it provides a space for and hosts your website content. Once all your content is in place, you are all set for visitors!

Types of Website Hosting: Which one is best for you?

There are many different types of hosting available, but what kind of hosting would be right for you? The most popular and frequently used web hosting options are Shared, VPS, and WordPress hosting. The descriptions of each will provide you and idea of which type of web hosting will best suit your needs:

Shared Hosting

One of the most commonly used types, shared hosting is an excellent choice for beginners and is more cost-effective among the lot. What makes it popular is its great service due to its secure server and the ability to host many other websites along with yours.

When would you choose shared hosting? Here is an example: say that you are looking for a place to stay but your budget is limited. The best option for you would be live in a shared apartment where you get to live with a lot of different people for a low cost. It can be a really interesting experience, and it will make your life simpler by lowering your costs as well! Shared hosting is very similar to a shared apartment and will offer you the same perks.

Because of these benefits, shared hosting is the best web hosting service for beginners who are looking for the most affordable hosting and who are looking to test new and innovative ideas and run hobby websites. Since it is favorable for new and innovative ideas, it is the perfect hosting choice for small businesses and websites that have less than 5000 visitors each month.

Although one disadvantage of a shared hosting package is that you will not be have much control over your server environment, it has several advantages that can counter it. For instance, the hosting provider will take initiative and work on your website’s back end. Moreover, all server maintenance will be taken care of by the hosting provider itself.

Therefore, if you are a beginner and want to create your first website, choose shared hosting simply because it’s easy to understand, straightforward to use and also the most affordable type of webhosting available. A good choice could be NR Hosting’s shared hosting plan starting at an affordable price of $5.00/month only.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting

The major difference between VPS hosting and shared hosting is that VPS hosting is much more powerful than the latter. VPS hosting offers higher security; while in shared hosting one server hosts a large number of websites and all users have equal access over that one server, VPS hosts a much less amount of websites. The price, although a little higher than shared hosting, is very affordable.

Compared to shared hosting’s capacity of hosting thousands of different websites with one server. VPS hosting will host merely tens of them. This gives VPS hosting a big advantage: it allows your website to have a large proportion of the server’s storage space. As a result, more of the resources will be easily available to you.

When and why should you choose VPS hosting? VPS hosting is the best web hosting option for you if you are interested in expanding your business, optimizing performance, and in increasing the bandwidth for your users. Some added benefits are: you will have more control over server environment. And you can configure your applications on the server with ease. In addition, since you will be sharing the server with less people, you can provide more resources and have much more freedom.

In short, if your priorities are safe hosting, reliable and powerful features, fast web browsing, and more freedom and flexibility than shared hosting, VPS is the perfect match for you. VPS hosting packages typically start from a reasonable price of about $30/month.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is ideal for WordPress blogs with a huge number of visitors. It is designed to cater to high-traffic blogs that demand lightning-fast speed, powerful security, and automatic updates. What makes it a popular host is its efficient features that it provides at an upscale price. WordPress hosting will make your work simpler by actively taking care of all technical aspects of hosting your website. As a result, you can spend as much time as you need in creating quality content and marketing your site as you please, without losing out on anything. Although its higher price can discourage many, WordPress hosting service is tailor-made for those who are not looking to fine-tune their servers.

WordPress hosting is ideal for hosting a WordPress website. It comes with varying features, designed to suit your unique choices and needs.

The Final Verdict: Which one to pick?

Each person has different needs. Your choice of a web hosting provider will depend on a number of things: the kind of website you run, its requirements, the kind of performance you are looking for, and your budget. Various web hosting providers various benefits (e.g. unlimited bandwidth, free domain names, SSL certificates etc.)

In case you are considering using WordPress for your website, you may look into a reliable web hosting company like NR Hosting Ltd.

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