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What is Email Hosting?

What is Email Hosting?

Email hosting is a service in which a hosting provider rents out server space–only these servers are used exclusively for email data. Email hosting is an online hosting service that rents out and operates this sort of servers. Signing up for an email hosting service isn’t the same as signing up for a free email account like Gmail or Yahoo. While similar, email hosting provides a more premium product.

This sort of hosting can be:

On the same server that hosts your website data

With the same company that hosts your website, but on a different server

With a completely different company that exclusively handles this hosting

Why is Using This Hosting Important for Your Business?

A personal email address ending in ‘’ or ‘’ is fine for keeping in touch and paying your bills. When you set up a web presence for your business, however, you need something more serious — you need a business email. Ideally, it should be a professional email that uses your domain name–for example,

Using a professional email address is vital, for several reasons:

A professional email address adds credibility and lets your customers know that you are a legitimate business

An email address using your domain name is unique and memorable

A separate business email helps you stay organized and avoid mixing up your personal and business tasks

A business email lets you easily activate emails for new employees and deactivate emails (and access!) for former employees

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