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How to Stop WordPress Emails Going to Spam

How to Stop WordPress Emails Going to Spam

WordPress Emails: Many spam filters, especially Gmail, treat such emails with suspicion. This is with good reason. Servers can be set up to auto generate and send thousands of spam emails per hour.

One way to get around your own contact form email going in spam is to set up a filter that ensures you get the emails from your site sent to your inbox.

The problem gets worse if you have transactional email being sent from WordPress. If you have a membership site that sends out login details to new subscribers you don’t want people complaining that they don’t receive the email. Likewise, purchase confirmation emails from ecommerce plugins like WooCommerce.

WordPress Emails Issue: So how to fix it?

The first thing to do is to check WordPress is sending emails at all. Use the Check Email Plugin to check it email is working. If it is then they are going into spam rather than something worse.

The easiest way to fix the spam problem is to use a SMTP plugin. These plugins use the SMTP protocol to send email rather than the WordPress PHP email function. You will need an email provider. Such as the email that comes with your web hosting account a provider like Gmail. You’ll also need to find your SMTP server details and username and password.

WP Mail SMTP is a no frills SMTP plugin. Just download it and activate. You’ll need to manually input your SMTP details.

Easy WP SMTP is more advanced. It works well with Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo. Set up instructs are good and available on the website.

Postman SMTP is my favorite. It has an easy to use set up wizard if you aren’t great wit technical things. It can be set up with Mandrill, Sendgrid and Gmail as well as others.

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