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How to open a bKash Merchant Account

How to open a bKash Merchant Account

bKash Merchant Account : bKash is the most popular mobile banking platform in Bangladesh. bKash Merchant account is to accept payments from an individual or personal accounts to business. If you own an online shop in Bangladesh or retail business and if you wish to accept bKash payments then this account is a good option for you.

How to open a bKash merchant account?

To open a bKash personal account is really easy and faster. Where opening a bKash merchant account is not easy. You will need to fulfill several requirements to get started. Here we will discuss how to get an account for your eCommerce business easily.

There are several requirements for opening the account.

Business location or physical address

Valid and updated trade license

Valid Bank account

NID Copy

TIN Certificate

A letter to the account manager on companies letter head

Passport size photograph

A valid mobile number

Valid email address

Signatory (Depending on the company type)

How to apply?

There are several ways to reach bKash to open a new merchant account. Either you visit their office in person or request for a merchant account online. Once they have the request, they will assign an account manager to assist you. They will request for all the necessary documents. Once you have submitted all the documents. They will proceed for the initial verification and after that.

How to activate the account?

Once your application got approved, within few days they will send the login credentials  (login page, username, and password) via email. At the same time, you will get an SMS to your given number for activating the account. You just need to dial *247# from that number and follow the instructions to set the new PIN code  (never share your bKash PIN code with others) for your account. That’s it! You are ready to accept payments.

Hope this article on bKash Merchant Account will help you to open a new account and to start accepting bKash payment for your business. Please keep in mind, a bKash merchant account will increase the credibility of your business and with lower transaction charge too.

Note: You need to keep in mind that, this is only able to accept payments from the personal account. You can’t accept payments from any Agent numbers. Hence, there is still a limitation and for this reason, you may also need to have a personal account too.

Disclaimer: All the above information collected from the internet and it may change without any prior notice. Before taking any steps, please consult with bKash directly. Logos used here are trademarks to them.

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